Caleidoscope Associates

Project Consultants for the Telecommunications Industry


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Caleidoscope Associates provide expert resources to deliver critical business projects in the telecommunications industry.

Whether you need a domain expert to help with a critical issue or a project consultant to complement your in-house team, we at Caleidoscope Associates can provide the knowledge and experience you need to achieve project success.

Projects and business changes are inherently risky and many projects get into trouble due to insufficient planning, risk management and communication. That is why our consultants are specifically trained in proven methods to:

-          Ensure rigorous planning, taking into account resource constraints and dependencies;

-          Pro-actively manage risks and provide business owners with robust means of control;

-          Develop strategies for effective stakeholder communication.

With many companies facing recruitment freeze and budget cuts it is more important than ever to harness all the power of the available resources. Some times we can help by bringing outside experience, and other times it may be a case of re-focusing and coaching the existing team to peak performance.

Imagine the benefits of reducing the project delivery time by 10 or 20% - how would that benefit your customers, your staff, your cash flow and the bottom line?

Call or e-mail us for an initial conversation about your requirements and to find out how we can help you.